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Amaze lets you generate simple mazes. You just pick the size, line widths, colors, and tile shape. You can save them as an image, print them, or generate a model from them.

Amaze supports three tile shapes: square, triangle, and hexagon. See the screenshots for a peek. You don't control the tile size directly, but by resizing the drawing area.

You can export the generated maze in many different formats: PNG, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and so on; see the print dialog for a complete list supported on your system.

Any mazes you generate are yours, to do with as you please. The program itself is open source, under EUPL v1.1.

Any feedback is appreciated!


If you would like to help localize this program for other languages, please download the Qt 4.7 SDK from Trolltech, use CVS to download the amaze sources, and run QtLinguist on amaze/trans/amaze_??.ts.


Some screenshots of amaze, running on Ubuntu, demonstrating different settings for tile shape, colors, locale, and solution path visibility.

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

screenshot 3


This is a more advanced use, using the "Export as X3D/VRML" to generate an X3D file, loading that into Blender, and then rendering it with an alpha channel.

VRML maze

Similarly using "Export to Maya" to generate a MEL script, loading that into Maya, manually adding two lights and a grassy plane below, then rendering to PNG.

Maya maze