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Here is the manual page (also [.de], [.nl]).


Here we find the RoSoft Download recommendation for release 1.1-22.


Here is Softpedia's "100% clean" recommendation for release 1.1-18.


Here are Softonic's "clean" seal and review for version 1.1 release 17.


Here are Softoxi's "clean" recommendation and video tutorial for version 1.1 releases 8 and 3 respectively.


Here is the review from Snapfiles for release 1.1-18.


Another review, from Top4downloads, also for release 1.1-18.


Not to confuse...

The name "amaze" is a rather obvious pun, so as it turns out there are a bunch of other programs and projects out there with the same name. The following have no connection with this SourceForge project (and there may be better links):

Amaze screensaver, by AW softwareAmaze! iPod app, by Simioticaamaze for Palm OS, by bhangar.comAmaze FLV downloaderAmaze wallpaper changer, by tnmSoftware • ...and others, try Google.

See also...

There are lots of maze-generation projects on SourceForge. Here is an incomplete list, going by descriptions only; I have not checked most of them out yet. This project does not currently reuse code from any other project or product.

AIF Maze Project 2008A Maze KitCorn MazeMaze GUIs in c#Daedalus Maze creatorFunLabyrintheHedge MAzeLabirintoLaborantArtifical intelligence algorithms (Maze)Maze3D-net3D-MAZEMaze 5Maze CommunityMazeGenGL mazeMazen Maze CreatorMaze RaceMaze SimulatorMazesmithMazeMaze3DMulti-State Mazespython matrixSimple Java based MazeWarwick Maze CoursewareX-LabZeroDev

Another link, through the Deadalus Maze project, for even more about mazes.


Project Information

About this project:

This is the amaze project ("qtamaze").

This project started on on 2010-02-17, to produce a simple end-user program to generate and print simple mazes. For me, it is an experiment with Qt and with multi-platform GUI app packaging. I hope somebody will find some actual use for it.

About freely hosts many Open Source software development projects, including this one; they have my gratitude. Thanks, guys.

About Open Source:

Of benefit to users, Open Source software is licensed so you can download and use the software free-of-charge. The source code for this software is made available free-of-charge, you (or a programmer you hire) can make changes to this software to better meet your needs, and you can release your changed code back to the community passing the benefit on to other users.

This project is licensed under EUPL v1.1, something like GPL. Any mazes you generate are yours, to do with as you please.


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Binary installers, normally a little behind the current source state, are available for Linux (Ubuntu, Debian) and Windows (XP, 7, 8) at: downloads . Source code is accessible through CVS at: project develop page.


Here is the ongoing development document as a PDF, and the start of the wiki.

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